April’s #30dayselfcarechallenge Review

Is it me or did April fly bye?


At the beginning of the month, I set out to complete a self-care activity each and every day.  I got the idea for the challenge after speaking with a group of friends.  We all talked about how busy our lives were and what we were doing on behalf of others, but not one of us were able discuss any activities we were doing to benefit our own wellness.


Hearing an opportunity to make a difference and change this aspect of my life, I challenged myself to complete an activity each day for the following reasons:


  1. I love a challenge.
  2. I love self-care.
  3. I wanted to show others how to incorporate self-care activities into their lives.


Throughout the challenge, there were days in which I didn’t not want to do anything, but the fact that I made a commitment to myself to complete the activities regardless of how I felt was the key to my success this month.


In the month of April, I grew both personally and professional.  Personally, not only did I deepen my awareness of my mental, physical and spiritual needs; I made it a point to develop these areas daily.  Professionally, I saw growth in my social media followers and in my counseling/coaching practice.


When you care for yourself, I believe you are better able to recognize and act on opportunities that are either presented to you or that you create.


After reviewing all 30 activities, I’ll said that I received the most from the days that I was simply present and allowing myself to experience whatever came that day.  Through that practice, I was able to meet some amazing new connections.  The power of one conversation


Although the challenge is over, my practice of self-care is not.  I will continue to be an advocate and active participant of the practice of self-care.  I hope you will too.


Email me if you would like more information on how to incorporate self-care activities in your life.


“Self-care is not an option or a luxury.  It is a necessary component of a balanced life.” – Sonya Frazier