Lesson 101: Take Time to Find Balance



I know it’s been a while since I have posted on my blog, but can I live? Yes I can and that is exactly what has been happening!


I stepped a way for a second to just live life and regroup.  There were some changes that occurred professionally (read this as a positive thing) in my life that got me off balance for a second (or a few months).


Whenever you add something new into your life, whether it be a new role, activity, friend or pet there seems (well at least to me) to be an adjustment period where you are seeking to regain some semblance of balance in your life.  (Insert visual image of a juggler adding another ball to his/her already perfectly timed routine.) My friends…that is where I was/am.


I am totally committed to being 100 in everything I write.  I don’t want to make it seem like my life is perfect when it is not, but rest assured that I am always striving to do my best each and every day.


So here is what I’ve been doing for the past few months:


  • Trying to find a workout regimen that works for my schedule (am workouts vs. pm workouts) – Still in progress (pray for me)
  • Working on meal planning/clean eating – Ongoing effort, but not a major struggle
  • Keeping my thoughts and space organized – Doing well, most days
  • Consistently posting on IG – Doing fairly well
  • Really being still, meditating and seeking direction – Doing fairly well
  • Participating in a self-care activity at least 1x a week – Excelling (I love me!)
  • Really understanding what I’m truly passionate about – Ongoing effort, but doing fairly well
  • Traveling a ton! – Not mad at a change of scenery, but it doesn’t help much with routines


I would be amiss if I did not catch you up on what’s been going on as I’ve made a personal commitment to #dobetter and #beconsistent in all aspects of life.


Regardless of my success and my shortcomings over the last few months, overall, life is good and it can only get better.


Today’s lesson in living: Take time to readjust and find balance.