What Will You Choose?

What do you do when everything you are trying is not appearing to be effective in producing the results that you want?


Well… you have two options.


Behind door number 1 is insanity.

Behind door number 2 is change.


Which door will you choose? The answer may seem simple and you probably said, “Duh, door number 2 all day.”  Well let’s take a closer look and see which door you are choosing to open on a daily basis.


Door 1: Insanity

I’m sure that you have read the definition of insanity before.  It is when you keep doing something over and over (insert as many “overs” as you need) again and expect a different result. You may be asking yourself, “Who would sign up for this in real life? ” The reality is that most of us do on a daily basis!  We continue in the same unhealthy behavioral patterns, lifestyles, conversations and relationships and hope that magically something will change and make them all different without us changing.  How do we allow this to happen?


Well…though it might be the definition of insanity, it can also be defined as normal or comfortable.  Perhaps we have turned this “insane behavior” into our new normal, so we aren’t as bothered by this behavior as we should be or are we?


You may not think you are bothered, but once you take the time to stop and assess the situation, you’ll learn that it is affecting you spiritually, physically or mentally if not in all three areas.


KEY: Take the time to stop and assess your situation (objectively) regularly.


So now what? The answer is behind the obvious, yet sometimes less practical choice…door number 2.


Door 2: Change

Change! A word that immediately makes some people panic, ask a million questions and talk themselves out of making said change before even trying.  Before you do all that and then some, take a breath and hear me out.


Change is effective for any type of growth.  Accept it.  Remember, the goal is to stop doing the same thing expecting something different.  There comes a time where we must stop expecting something different and do something different.


One barrier that often occurs with people is they think change has to be big and grand.  FALSE! Sometimes the change that is needed is something simple.  For example, if you find yourself stressed on a daily basis because there aren’t enough hours in the day and you start your day off as if it is a race, try going to bed and waking up 30 minutes earlier to give yourself time to meditate before you start your day and before you go to bed.  If that example did not work for you here is another one.  If you are trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle, try walking for 15 minutes a day at work just to get yourself moving and motivated.  Once you’ve succeeded at 15 minutes, increase your time to 30 minutes.  Before you know it, you might actually want to walk for an hour.  That hour walk may turn into a jog, which may turn into a run, which may turn into a 5k.  Remember, this all started from one small change.

KEY: Start with small changes and eventually they will have a big impact on your physical, mental and spiritual health.


Now is the time to close the door on insanity and open the door on change.