A New Perspective in 30 Days


What would you need to gain in order to give up something for 30 days?


When I asked myself this question 30 days ago, my answer was wellness.


30 days ago, I set out on a mission to change my eating habits in order to feel better emotionally and physically.


Now to be honest, I did not think my eating habits were that terrible.  I was all about quinoa, lean protein, fruit and veggies however; something was not working.  I would work out and see/feel no results.  I was at a plateau and I did not like it at all.


Instead of pouting and drowning my sorrows in green smoothies, I decided to do something different.


I knew a few people who completed the Whole30 and sung its praises.  Upon a quick Google/Pinterest search, I learned what the program was about.  My first reaction was “Gasp?! You want me to give up all of that?”


On the Whole30, it is recommended that you abstain from the following:

  • Alcohol

  • Grains

  • Legumes

  • Dairy

  • Sugar

  • Processed Foods


(I’m sure after reading that you had the same reaction I just did.)


Despite some of my favorite food groups being on the do not eat list, I decided to accept the challenge and give this Whole30 a chance.


Throughout the 30 days, I had many opportunities to “cheat” or indulge in some of my favorite things, but I stayed focused and stayed committed and it was actually easier than what I thought it would be on the first day.  I began exploring all of the food groups that I could have


Instead of focusing on what I was not able to eat or drink.  That mental shift was crucial for my success in staying committed.

That mental shift was crucial for my success in staying committed.

I no longer had the same cravings for sweets.  I was fueling my body with what it needed and what it could handle instead of what I wanted and what was offered to me.  I was making conscience choices about what I would buy at the grocery store (after spending 10 minutes reading labels and Googling ingredients to make sure I stayed compliant).  I was forced to meal plan each week all of my meals or I knew it would be bad business.  I was learning how to create a new lifestyle…a lifestyle that I actually didn’t mind living.


Now that the 30 days is over, I do plan on slowly integrating some of the foods back into my diet on a gradual and limited basis.  I plan on continuing to being conscious of what I am eating and its effect on my mood, weight and energy level.


What I gave up was nothing in comparison to what I received.  I have a new understanding and perspective on a key aspect of my wellness.

What I gave up was noting in comparison to what I received.

What are you willing to gain by giving up something for 30 days?


~ Sonya