You Can and You Will

These five words have been so clutch in my life this week.


Last week there was an unwanted and unannounced shift in my language and my mood.  I noticed there were a lot more of the following phrases being used:


I’m not able to deal.

I can’t.

I won’t.

I don’t want to ____

Take me out coach.


This negative language had a greater impact on my thoughts, feelings and behaviors than I even had the energy to process or correct.  I felt myself going deeper and deeper into the pits of negativity.  I was going so deep that I did not even want to be around myself.  Let me say that again, I did not want to be around myself.


Have you ever felt so unlike yourself that you don’t even recognize or like the person you have become? (Nod yes, I won’t be able to see you…this is a safe space).


If we are honest, we probably have all been there at one point in our lives if we are not currently there.


You may be asking, what is the solution to actually enjoying your own company again?


For me, it was self-care!  One of the phrases I live by is “self-care is the best care.”


I made a choice to change and engaged in the practice of self-care last weekend.  I turned my little sour lemon attitude having self into a nice refreshing glass of semi-sweet (I’m not perfect) lemonade.


I made sure to engage in activities that I knew I needed (sleep) and that I just hands down love (brunch).  Once I checked these two activities off my self-care list for the day, my whole disposition changed.  I got my light back.  I got refocused.  I got back on my routines and meditations.  I was me.  I enjoyed my own company.  I could just sit with myself in my thoughts for hours and I did just that!


In order to keep myself in my “happy place” on my enlightened path (while sipping my lemonade), I decided to make myself a mantra and write it out so all throughout the day I could ground myself as needed.  The phrase that came to mind was…


You can and You will


Before the words “I can’t or I won’t” came out of my mouth my eyes shift towards my mantra and I immediately told myself “You can and You will.”  Before I knew it, my thoughts of you can and you will transformed into multiple occurrences of me actually doing (Exhibit A today’s blog post).


The top three life lessons that I was reminded of over the last week were…

  1. Be careful of the language you use in your life
  2. If don’t feel like yourself, run (not walk) and engage in one of your top self-care activities
  3. Always be the person that you would actually want to be around


Remember You can and You will.