Lessons in Living: I’m Far From Finished

Recently, I took a much needed vacation to a very beautiful island for a very special event.  I love experiencing new cultures and learning about their food, music and traditions.  Prior to my vacation, my friends introduced me to Soca music (as this genre of music was going to be played 24/7).


I followed the hottest dj’s and listened to their playlist on repeat when I woke up, drove to work, on my lunch breaks and when I drove home.  My goal was to be able to at least know the key words to the top songs that were currently in rotation so I would not look too much like an outsider.


One day, while doing my cultural preparedness homework, I heard a song with a catchy verse.  I took the time to hone in on what the artist was saying and this is what I heard…

And I’m far from finished, woi

And I can’t believe it, no

See, I’m far from finished, woi

Love the life that I living, yeah

I love this life, I love this life, woi


I heard these words and I was hooked.  This song Far From Finished by Voice has now become my theme song.  It was a good reminder that we are never finished when we are in pursuit of continual growth. Every time I was on vacation (and even now that I’m back) and I hear this song, it automatically puts me in a great mood.  It inspires me to keep working and pressing until my dreams turn into my reality.



Four lessons I’ve learned from Far From Finished:

  1. Be grateful for where you have been, where you currently are and the hope of where you are going.

  2. Until you get to where you want to go, wake up every day with a renewed sense of love for life.

  3. Engage in activities that give you life.

  4. Never stop growing and achieving.



What are you far from finished accomplishing in your life?  Make note of it and find a song, a quote or an image that helps to keep you motivated on the journey to living your best life.



I’m Far From Finished…