Get Healthy. Stay Healthy.

When I think of what it means to be healthy, I think of a combination of one’s physical and mental health.  When you add spirituality in the mix, I consider that to be the definition of total health.


What are you doing currently to maintain your health?  Is health even a priority in your life? 


If you don’t have a plan to maintain your physical and mental health and if you don’t make your health a priority, GO GET A NOTEBOOK AND A PEN IMMEDIATELY!


When you do not focus and/or maintain your health you can find yourself in some dangerous predicaments and potentially miss out on opportunities to fulfill your purpose in life.


It’s hard to live in your purpose when you are tired, unmotivated and have negative and self-defeating thoughts constantly swirling around in your head.


When I found myself in an unhealthy period in my life, I stumbled upon this quote which really put things in perspective for me.


When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight.  Wealth becomes useless and intelligence cannot be applied. –Herophilus


When you are not healthy, you are just a shell.  Put life back into that shell.  Make yourself and your health a priority on a daily basis.  Review your definition of health (it always doesn’t have to be based on the scale).  Commit to yourself.  Take breaks throughout the day.  Go for walks.  Read a book.  Find positive quotes to meditate on.  Create uplifting mantras.  Pray.  Find a supportive and honest accountability partner.


In your notebook, write your plan to get healthy and stay healthy by answering the following questions.


What will you need to do consistently to be physically healthy?

What will you need to do consistently to be mentally healthy?

What will you need to do consistently to be spiritually healthy?


Total health is something that you must actively pursue on a daily basis.  You must make it a priority because if you do not, no one else will and you definitely do not want to wait until it is too late.


On my own pursuit of health, I have found it helpful to be realistic with myself by making small achievable goals that I write down on a daily basis.  Health is wealth! Get healthy.  Stay healthy.