Wind Down Wednesday

Wind Down: to lessen in intensity so as to bring or come to a gradual end; relax, unwind

I am one of the biggest advocates for self-love and self-care!  I talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to self-care?  What do I do?  Thank you for asking.  I block off time each weekend for #selfcaresaturday or #selfcaresunday, if not both!

Even if it is 1 hour, I take time for myself to regroup, refresh and restore as often as I needed it.

I know a lot of people say “I don’t have time or I’m too busy juggling work, family, etc.”

I’ll start by saying I understand, but as Antoine Heard says,”Those who love themselves are more likely to be selfless.”  Look at how you are currently utilizing your time and look for opportunities to use “wasted time” for a self-care activity (reading, writing, meditating, exercising, gardening, pampering, etc.).

Those who love themselves are more likely to be selfless.  

   – Antoine Heard 

Self-care is not selfish, it’s actually selfless.  You are taking the necessary time you need to recharge your mind, body and spirit to be able to face whatever lies ahead.  You can either take the time voluntarily from a wellness standpoint or you can be forced to take the time due to the effects of burnout.  The choice is yours.

I encourage you to take time as needed to take care of yourself, even if it is a Wednesday…

Self-care is the best care.

Take care.


~ Sonya