Will You Press Play or Pause?

This past weekend while I was in my #selfcare induced stated, I found myself stuck on pause.  Now I’m all about a relaxing and restful weekend, but this weekend I had to tell myself enough was enough.


I needed to hit the pause button on the vegetative state I was in and I needed to hit play on those “adulting” tasks that I had neglected all day.  I really had things to do!


Sometimes we need to get uncomfortable in order to progress.  I was very comfortable in my sweats on my couch catching up on all the television shows I did not watch during the week, but I was also uncomfortable with the fact that I had not done ONE thing all day that would help me to move closer to the personal goals I set.


We have all heard the saying that too much of anything is bad.  I truly believe this statement.  If you live your life stuck on the pause button, you are missing out on a number of experiences that are designed to shape you for the better.  If you live your life stuck on the play button, you are running the risk of burnout because you never gave your body time to rest and recover.


Know yourself and learn when it’s time to be still and when it’s time to go!


How will you know either way?


  • Listen to your body
    • If it says rest; honor it, if it says you’ve been resting too long; honor that too and get active
  • Set goals
    • Make a list of things that you absolutely must accomplish for the week and things you would like to accomplish, but can wait
    • Keep going until the things you must do are done
  • You overall feeling of satisfaction
    • If you are not satisfied with where you are, it’s time to get off of pause, press play and do more of the things that bring you joy.


Which button do you need to push? Play or Pause?


Moral of the story…it all things seek balance.