Grow Up and Glow Up

What a time to be alive!


There are plenty of things I could write about with all that is happening in the world, but I’ll choose to write from a place of gratitude.  I’m just happy to be a functioning human being who has yet to reach their full potential.


What a time to be alive!!


As a person whose personal hashtag for the year is #thepursuitofmorelife, I am finding myself more open to life and the experiences it is bringing my way.


Have you ever read some of your old journal entries or scrolled way back on your timeline?  Are you still the same person you were 234 weeks ago?  Have you grown or expanded your viewpoint or way of living at all?


If you answered, no, I want you to come in really close for this…IT’S TIME TO GROW UP AND GLOW UP!


In order to grow up (beyond “adulating” tasks):

Find someone or a group of like-minded individuals that is willing to challenge (in the most supportive way) you to do better and be better.  Find people who are willing to stimulate your mind and those who are also down for trying new things.


In order to glow up:

Find an activity or a hobby that just gives you all types of life! Enjoy that activity or hobby on a regular basis.  Take care of yourself and leave all the negativity and dead weight behind.  Sometimes we must free ourselves before our light can shine fully.


How will you grow up and glow up?


Ideas for growing up:

  1. Find someone you admire and schedule lunch or brunch with them.
  2. Read a book in a topic that interests you.
  3. Watch a movie or documentary about a different culture.

Ideas for glowing up:

  1. Get physically active.
  2. Learn to meditate.
  3. Find a new self-care activity.
  4. Be what you seek.



Living my life like it’s golden,