My Race. My Pace.

My race, my pace is a mantra that I came up with during mile 1 out of 3 on a recent running group run.


To give you a little history, I have a love hate relationship with running.  I love running when I am outside and have the music blasting in my ears.  It does so much for me!  It is the ultimate solution for my sometimes cluttered mind and not to mention it is an approved exercise to achieve my #fitnessgoals .  The only thing I hate about running is the thought of getting out there and running what I think is an inconceivable amount of miles (in my head).  I clearly can run more than a mile if I put my mind to it and just do it.


My race.  My pace.


I recited this mantra on my run to remind me that this was an individualized journey.  The only person I was competing against was myself.  My only goal was to finish the race that I started and that I did.


My race.  My pace.


Similar to life, it’s easy to get distracted and focus on the runners ahead of us or behind us.  When we do that, we fail to realize that we could actually be slowing down our own pace.  We are putting more energy into what others are doing or how far they are in life instead of focusing on improving our own time.

Stop getting distracted by others around you! 

There will be time where you are running your race at a faster pace and there will be times where you need to slow down your pace and even walk.  The end goal is that you keep moving forward and finish.


Run your own race at your own pace and finish.




Pursuing more life,