The Wait is Over

Has someone ever promised to give you something that you’ve wanted for a while, but you had to wait for it?


Do you find yourself making reoccurring goals and keep telling yourself to wait or now is not the time?


Well friends, I’m here to tell you the wait is over.


Do not waste any more time, waiting for what has been promised to you.  Go get it.


Get that promotion.  Start that business.  Get your finances in order.


Why wait?!


I have learned that instead of waiting, you must start putting yourself in position to receive all that is destined to be yours.

Copy of Copy of 8.6-2



Go to networking events.  Go to meetup groups.  Increase your online presence. Do what you need to do to achieve your goals.


There is no time like the present.  It is called the present because it is a gift.


Stop delaying.  Don’t wait until 2018.  The wait is over.  There is a gift that is waiting to be opened and used.


What is that gift?


The gift is none other than your purposed life.  It’s time to start living and enjoying it!




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