Self-Care Promotes Mental Health

Reason #2 why I am making self-care a priority in my life:


Self-Care Promotes Mental Wellness


We all live in a world where demands are being placed on us by our family, friends, employers, children and even ourselves.  All of these demands can sometimes have us feeling as if we are being stretched in a million and one different directions.


The mental strain that occurs sometimes goes unnoticed for a variety of reasons:

  1. We don’t have the time to sit still and check in on ourselves
  2. No one has taken the time to ask us how we are doing
  3. We don’t feel safe to genuinely share how we are doing with others
  4. We don’t want to know because we have tasks to complete and others depending on us right now so now is not the time to focus on ourselves


This list isn’t exhaustive, but I hope it triggers you to recognize how much of a toll your daily activities can have on your mental health.


As a therapist, mental health is not only what I help others to achieve, but it’s something I strive to achieve as well.  In order to do my best to stay mentally equipped to handle “life” I practice self-care.


Self-Care: Any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health.

[Source: PsychCentral]


Self-care truly gives me life.  It is one thing that, if I make a priority, helps to manage my overall mental health.  Over the years, I have learned (the hard way) the importance and necessity of taking time to “recharge my batteries.”   As a clinician, I find it imperative.  I give so much energy on a daily basis listening to other, being compassionate and helping individuals problem solve through life’s obstacle course that I deserve to do the same for myself.


I deserve to listen to my body, be compassionate with myself and problem solve what I need at the moment to be well.


Mental health is something that has to be reviewed and addressed regularly.  It is something that needs to be worked on a regular basis for optimal life functioning.


Mental health matters.  Self-care promotes mental health.  Self-care gives me life.


Take a moment now to check-in with yourself.  How are you REALLY doing?


Whether you are doing well or not so well, I would encourage you to take a moment to plan a self-care activity to complete within the next 7 days.  Also, if you need someone to help boost your mental health, I for sure would encourage you to find the RIGHT therapist for you.   Nothing has to be “wrong” in order for you to benefit from therapy.  You simply have to show up and be willing participate in the process.


Aside from providers on your insurance panel, here are some other ways to find the right therapist for you.

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Open Path Collective

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