Self-care is affordable

Reason number 3 why self-care is a priority in my life is because it’s affordable.

When I thought about how I wanted to evolve as a person this year, self-care was the first thing that came to mind. The second thing that came to mind was,”Will I need to add another line item in my budget to be successful with this pursuit?”

Self-care allows me to experience me in all of it’s glory. It’s my time to simple be with myself. So far, I have learned that self-care is actually affordable. Self-care is more than a manicure or a massage. Self-care is a way of life.

Self-care is a way of life.

There is a misconception that you need money for proper self-care. Let me be the first to say not true. The beauty of self-care is that it can be customized to your specific needs and interests. Expand your mind and think outside the box.

What activities promote peace in your life? What is around you that puts a smile on your face? What energizes you? What do you do to feel refreshed?

I want you to take a moment to jot down the answers to those questions. Once you have those answers written, review them and circle the responses that cost you little to no money.

My friends, you have just seen first hand how self-care is affordable.

I want to encourage you to pick one of the items you’ve circled and complete that activity within the next 7 days. I would love to hear about your affordable self-care experience! Feel free to email me at

Be well.