Self-Care Promotes Wellness

Reason number 4 why self-care is a priority in my life is because…

Self-Care promotes wellness.


We are currently in cold and flu season so wellness is something we must work harder to maintain.  We must wash our hands regularly.  We must wipe down surfaces and handles.  We must be careful when someone is not feeling well around us.


We have to do all of the things about just to prevent having our immune system compromised.


I believe the same could be said for self-care.  We have to take a preventative approach to maintaining balance in our lives.  For me, that looks and feels like self-care.  When I make the time to journal or go for a walk or meet up with friends I am building up my wellness reserve.


When life happens (and it does happen), I want to have as full of a reserve of wellness as possible to pull from so I am not walking around looking/feeling depleted, deflated or sick.


Self-care promotes wellness.


Commit to taking time this week to fill up your reserve through self-care.  What self-care activity will you engage in?


I would love to hear what you did!  Feel free to email me at


Be well.


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