Self-Care Makes Me Better for Others

Reason number 6 why I am making self-care a priority in my life:

Self-care makes me a better person for those around me.

We must take care of ourselves in order to even be able to take care of those around us.  I have heard time and time again from others (and have even said it myself) that there is not enough time for self-care due to the demands of work, family, friends, enemies, etc.

Every time you sit on an airplane and listen to the safety instructions, the flight attendant always tells the passengers that in case cabin pressure changes, the passenger must put their own oxygen mask on first before assisting others.  Furthermore, I have noticed the flight attendant walking row by row in order to personally remind those with children of the need to put their mask on first.

Being selfless is a character trait that can be positive, but so can being selfish.

Be selfish enough to take the time you need for yourself so you can be better for others.  When you think about it, how can you effectively (keyword) help someone else when you barely have the energy to get out of bed or focus? How can you help others to be calm when you are stressed and anxious?  How can you pour into the lives of others when your cup is empty?

Be selfish enough to care for yourself and notice how your interactions with others are impacted.  If you struggle with making time for self-care because it seems selfish, tell yourself that you are making time for self-care so you can be better for those around you.

Self-care makes us better for those around us.  Allow individuals to experience you at your best (whatever that may be for you at the moment).  When you are feeling worn out and burned out, that is a good indicator that it is time for self-care.

What will you plan as a self-care activity? Copy of Copy of Social Media 9.3-5