Three Things to Do Right Now to Overcome Sinking Thinking

Have you ever wanted to achieve a goal, but could never seem to get started because the first thing your mind did was think about all of the reasons why this goal is not achievable?


If you answered yes, then you have experienced sinking thinking.  It means exactly what the name implies.  You are sinking in your thinking which in turn could be hindering your ability to act on your goals.  Furthermore, you could also experience feelings of failure, complacency, frustration, __________ (you fill in the blank) etc. related to the lack of progress on your goals.


Now that we have identified the problem, what is the solution?

  1. Stop Over Thinking the Problem
  2. Change Your Perspective
  3. Work on Achieving Your Goal



It is rather easy for one’s mind to go down the slippery slope of sinking thinking.  Here is an example:


You are trying to incorporate working out in your schedule and the only solution you came up to consistently workout was to complete it first thing in the morning.  Sounds great right?  Here’s where it goes left.  Your mind begins thinking of all of the reasons why this idea will not work.  Examples are:


Are you really going to wake up any earlier?

Does this mean you cannot hit the snooze button anymore?

What are your going to do that early in the morning?

Will you even feel like working out?


And the list goes on….


As you can see, there was not one positive thought (i.e. You will feel great after working out.  You will not have to worry about not working out for extended periods of time.  You will finally achieve this physical health goal you’ve thought about for a while.)!


This is where you press the mute button on your brain and stop over thinking the problem, change your perspective and work on achieving your goal.


Remove the mental barriers that are keeping you from being your greatest and doing your best.


What thoughts have you sinking and not accomplishing your goals? What do you need to do to change them?


Remember: Stop Over Thinking the Problem, Change Your Perspective and Work on Achieving Your Goal!


Here is a mantra to help you: May I accept life for what it is, but strive to make it better if I am not satisfied with its current state.