Waiting Patiently

Growing up, I always heard “patience is a virtue.”  Let me be the first to tell you that I was not virtuous.


Overtime, I have grown to be more patient with others, but more importantly with myself.  (There is still work to be done of course.)


As a goal oriented person, I love to set a goal and then work to achieve it.  I have the sweet taste of victory in my mouth before I even get started.  There have been times where I’ve started off really strong and then something happens.  That sweet taste starts changing flavors and becomes sour due to a lack of tangible results.


What do we do when that sweet taste turns sour because our plans are not working out as fast as we originally envisioned them?  What do we do when we stop believing that we are actually able to accomplish our original goal.  What do we do?


  1. Remind Yourself that Life is a Marathon and Not a Sprint


We are in such a rush to get what we want when we want it that oftentimes we are missing valuable lessons.  We are looking for the next short cut or open door instead of appreciating what is currently happening.  Do not miss out on the present worrying about the future.  Your time will come when it comes.


  1. Remain Disciplined


It’s easy to stop working towards a goal if we do not see immediate results, but you must remain steadfast and consistent in your pursuit.  By doing so, you are reaffirming your belief that you are actually capable of achieving what you set out to do.  Keep the faith and keep working towards your goal.


  1. Wait Patiently


Check your attitude while you are waiting.  Continue to speak positively over your goals, your pursuits and your life.  Your words influence your feelings and your actions.  Remember there is an appointed time for everything.  You’ll get what you desire when you are ready to receive it.  You’ll appreciate it more after the wait.



Remember, your time will come when it comes if you keep the faith and continue to work while you wait.