Resistance is Your Workout!

Resistance is your workout!


As I sat in spin class my instructor informed us that “resistance is [our] workout.”  The more resistance I added to my bike, the harder it became to pedal.  In the face of adversity, I did not lower the resistance to make my ride easier.  I continued to push.  The more I pushed, the more calories I burned.  The more calories I burned, the greater I felt about myself and about my workout.


This concept has resonated with me since hearing it.


Resistance is your workout!


In life, we oftentimes face challenges or resistance.


What will you do? Will you lower your standards or expectations and not achieve your ultimate goal?  Will you quit all together? Will you continue to push harder and overcome?


You have everything you need in you to push and overcome.  How do I know?  I’m sure you have done it before.


Let us continue pushing through the resistance until we achieve our victory.